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Whether it’s a quick arts and crafts project or home improvement, or recipe, everyone loves an exciting do it yourself project. These influencers have taken their projects to social media for you to check out!

Vickie Laliotis

Looking to turn vintage tops into today’s styles? Well, Vickie Lalitos the “vintage junkie” knows just how to transform old styles into the chic looks. Her blog posts offer highlight topics such as reinventing old pieces, restyling outfits and of course her favorite trends. So when you’re looking turn your old trash into treasure, be sure to check out Vickie’s account.

Joanna Venditti

As a mom of 4, Joanna Venditti is the master of doing it all. With 58 thousand subscribers and over 7 million views on YouTube, her impressive home decor and DIY projects are sure to heighten your creative side while helping you stay organized. From DIY home and garden inspiration to DIY ways to de-clutter your home, to parenting advice, to seasonal wardrobe inspiration she creates efficient, effective and easy DIY projects that will definitely make your life a lot less hectic.

Kaylee Giffin-Logan

If you are looking for DIY projects in beauty, fashion, home goods, holidays, and even Flora and Fauna, head over to Kaylee Giffin-Logan’s blog The Blondie Locks. From DIY eucalyptus bath salts to mocktail gift boxes, to ombre Valentine’s Day cookies Kaylee has a plethora of projects for users of all abilities. She also offers excellent room inspiration and easy ways to amp up your home for when you’re entertaining.

So the next time you have a bit of time on your hands and need some DIY inspiration, be sure to check out these amazing accounts that will undoubtedly spark your creativity. So sit down, check out these blogs and get ready to get in touch with your creative side!


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