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October 22, 2019
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Direct Response Marketing

Influencer marketing is alluring and baffling to advertisers. It’s still a relatively new marketing channel, but as the platforms on which influencer marketing campaigns run begin to mature, advertisers are figuring out how to use it. Influencer marketing can really turn a business around. We’ve seen effective brand awareness influencer marketing programs.

We’ve also seen influencer marketing used to drive sales, conversions, email sign-ups, and a host of other direct response outcomes. As agencies and brands become better at influencer marketing, the marketing goals that can be achieved through influencer marketing campaigns are diversifying. In this piece, we’ll be focusing on how marketers use influencers to bring about optimal outcomes.

Direct Response Outcomes From Influencer Marketing

Direct Response describes any marketing initiative designed to bring about a specific and measurable response. Have you ever seen a television spot for a car dealership boasting, “unbeatable saving!!! Give us a call at 1-800-CARSNOW!!” That is a classic example of a direct response advertising campaign.

Increasingly, agencies and brands are discovering ways in which influencers can be leveraged in direct response initiatives. Fantastic examples of influencers using exclusive discount codes, hosting contents, and other tactics to drive sales and sign-ups abound. Let’s explore this concept a little further by taking a peek at two popular tactics.

1) Podcast Promotions

Podcast advertising is certainly a subgenre deserving of its own blog. Podcasters like H3H3, Last Podcast on the Left, and Joe Rogan are influencers with massive and diverse audiences. They enjoy high levels of engagement from rabid fan bases that discuss their Podcast content across multiple channels. From popular streaming services like Spotify to Apple Podcasts, Reddit, and even Twitter, popular podcasters help drive tremendous volumes of traffic and interest across the Internet.

It’s no surprise that brands are leveraging podcasters and their audiences to advertise products and services. One popular form of Podcast advertising, Podcast promotions, is widely used by brands to drive sign-ups and promote sales.

A perfect example can be found by reference to the Podcast Hardcore History with Dan Carlin. Known for his animated and insanely detail-focused method for breaking down complicated historical events, Dan Carlin’s Podcast is popular among history buffs. It’s no surprise that his podcast attracted a partnership from Audible. Listeners of Hardcore History can enjoy a free audiobook by visiting This is a perfect example of how brands can leverage popular podcasts to drive sales, downloads, and engagement.

2) Influencer Giveaways

Do you follow female fitness influencers on Instagram? If you do, you’ve no doubt witnessed them promoting various fitness and lifestyle brand products on their feed. A campaign on Instagram – or any social platform – the influencer offers a coupon code or giveaway is an example of effective direct response advertising. Brands like to leverage the large and engaged audiences of in-brand influencers – that is, influencers whose audiences match a brand’s target customer profile – to drive engagement, sign-ups, and sales. Influencer giveaways have proven fertile ground for any brand attempting to get more consumers to complete the desired action.

Making Direct Response & Influencer Marketing Work For You  

Brands are figuring out ways to leverage influential users on social and drive optimal marketing outcomes. As platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat mature, paths to driving sales and sign-ups using influencers are becoming clearer. Influencer marketing has become a fantastic direct response channel for brands over a broad swath of industries – any advertiser needs to understand influencer marketing’s best practices, and adopt them into their brand’s influencer campaigns.


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