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May 16, 2019
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Have you ever seen an outfit that simply caused you to stop in your tracks? We aren’t talking about an outfit that looked like a disaster, but rather one that you adored. Well, guess what? It just happened to us! We found three amazing outfits that took our breath away. The way that these three fashion influencers paired their outfits is like something straight off the runway at Fashion Week. Read below to check out three amazing outfits we can’t stop talking about! Who knows? Maybe you’ll add these gorgeous outfits to your own wardrobe.

Elody Petit’s Casual Outfit

Elody Petit chose to wear this cute, yet super casual outfit, on a day out! While casual, this outfit still has heads turning – I mean, it definitely captured our attention. The black off-the-shoulder top goes great with those light-colored jeans and that cute black crossbody. The fact that Elody’s hair is up and out of the way gives the opportunity for her to show off some skin without going too overboard.

If you love this outfit as much as us, then try recreating the look for yourself! Keep it casual with some cute sneakers, or spice things up with some black heels or wedges.

Valiel Frnce’s Sassy Outfit

After seeing this outfit, we have two words: Fashion Diva! This outfit is head to toe perfection. The oversized shirt goes perfectly with the jaw-dropping black skirt. The skirt is already an eye-catcher with the way it ties to the side, yet Valiel found a way to amplify it.

We tried mimicking the outfit for ourselves with cute flats and sandals, and were very pleased with the results. If you want something a bit more casual you can always opt for black sneakers as well. Valiel’s earrings also pair really well with the outfit. This is an outfit you should run to the store for!

Elisabeth Rioux’s Trendy Outfit

Elisabeth Rioux is the ultimate fashion icon. She is a fashion designer herself so you know that her outfits are going to be bomb.com! This outfit that Elisabeth wore gave us LIFE! The black bodysuit complements the oversized camel coloured pants so well. Moreover, the touch of the boots completes the outfit effortlessly.

If boots don’t pique your interest, you can always substitute some sandals or even some trendy Converse sneakers to go with your ensemble. This outfit will surely impress your friends, or maybe even your crush.


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