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Jillian Harris @jillian.harris is a triple threat! She is a full-time mommy, she is on HGTV’s “Love It or List It Vancouver,” she is a former bachelorette, and she even runs her own blog. If anyone can multitask all of these various job titles, it’s Jillian. Jillian is always displaying positive energy that really sits well with her followers. Jillian is a must-follow for this year! Still not convinced? We’ve gathered some dynamite reasons why you need to start following this style queen ASAP!

Mommy Life

Jillian absolutely adores being a mom to her two beautiful kids. Because Jillian is so focused on being a mom she’s always giving out tips and tricks to her followers. These hacks notably include the burning question on any working mom’s mind: how do you balance your work and personal life? Rather than spoil the answer, you can get the answer to this and many more questions by visiting Jillian’s fabulous blog.  

On her Instagram page, Jillian has a highlight dedicated to Shop Kids. This highlight displays various different baby items such as clothes, cribs, and toys, which is definitely something that other moms will find helpful. Jillian even takes the time to show her followers some products she currently uses, so they can test it out for themselves!

Running a Popular Blog

Jillian’s blog is out of this world! It’s easy to see why her blog has so many subscribers. Jillian puts so much hard work and dedication to her blog and caters to topics that her followers care about such as fashion, home decor, food, and beauty. From helping you save money to giving you ideas for holiday parties, Jillian has her bases covered. Her blog is jam-packed with alluring pictures that capture your attention from the second you land on her home page. If there’s one blog that you should start following this year, make sure it’s Jillian’s! Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Food, Glorious Food

Jillian is such a foodie! Just ask her follower since she’s always sharing delicious recipes on her Instagram. Many of Jillian’s followers are either moms or young teens, and typically don’t have much time on their hands to cook. But Jillian’s recipes are so easy that anyone can cook a scrumptious-looking meal. Jillian even takes it further by breaking down each step so her followers can recreate her dishes.

Don’t be surprised if you unlock your inner chef while you follow along. Her most recent post teaches her followers how to make homemade almond milk. YUM!  Although it may be easier to go to the store and purchase almond milk Jillian breaks down all the steps to making your very own almond milk which is simply amazing. Follow Jillian today for mouthwatering and decadent recipes that will leave you in a food-induced coma!

Follow Jillian For Non-Stop Fun!

Is there anything that Jillian can’t do? She is a wife and a mom who still is up to date with all of the latest fashion and beauty trends as well as takes the time out to post product information about what to shop for kids, how to make healthy meals as well as how to stay fit. Whether you are a mom or a young teen, Jillian’s Instagram and blog happily welcomes women of all ages and is a must follow for 2019!


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