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October 3, 2019
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What are the first platforms that come to mind when you picture an influencer marketing campaign? No doubt you think of Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and – to a lesser extent – Facebook. But audience attention is growing and fragmenting across more and more platforms every year. Each platform has a unique angle, audience, and valuable driver for consumers.

In recent years, Twitch.tv has become a key congregation point online for the global and diverse gaming audience. Its influence was notable enough to attract the interest of – and eventual buyout from – Amazon in 2014. Twitch began as a platform allowing gamers to live stream online gameplay for popular games like Fortnite. However, since the buyout, the platform has switched focus to include other content categories. Today, the platform is used to live stream podcast recordings, cooking, painting, and woodworking by influencers across many content categories. Some Twitch users – like 28-year-old Tyler Blevins (aka “Ninja”) – stream live to hundreds of thousands of gaming fans on a daily basis. Ninja has amassed a following of over 14 million followers. In 2018, this juggernaut earned more than $6 million in revenue. But the cherry on top of Ninja’s successful year occurred when Drake joined him for a live lesson on Fortnite.

The takeaway here is clear: Twitch is a popular platform offering opportunities for fans to connect with their favorite content creators. Read on for a list of noteworthy influencers to keep an eye on.

Ninja – An Undeniable Twitch Cash Cow

I know we already discussed Ninja briefly, but this guy’s impact on the world of gaming, live streaming, and influencer marketing cannot be overstated. But this is really more of an honourable mention. Ninja stopped streaming on Twitch on August 1st, 2019. He is now in an exclusive partnership with Microsoft’s Mixer streaming service. While he was expanding his influence on Twitch, he amassed over 14 million followers, drove millions of dollars in ad spend across Twitch’s platform, and created a lot of interesting brand partnerships.

Tfue – The King Of Fortnite On Twitch

Moving on to influencers who are still streaming on Twitch, 21-year-old Turner Tenney (aka Tfue) is the richest Fortnite player of all time. Known for a casual streaming style that keeps his diverse audience tuning in on a daily basis, Tfue’s 7 million followers have made him a focal point for a lot of brands looking to sponsor streamers.

Binging With Babish – A Cross-Platform, Non-Gaming Twitch Streamer

Andrew Rea may not attract a lot of attention from the world’s gamers. But anyone who’s into online food media probably already watches his immaculately-shot everyman style cooking show “Binging with Babish” on YouTube. Well, Babish doesn’t just have a sizable following and an unending stream of sponsorships from his YouTube show. He also frequently takes to Twitch, where he offers his 900,000 followers an opportunity to cook along with him in real-time. This is guerrilla content marketing at its finest, and we simply cannot get enough. Neither can popular brands, like Squarespace and Blue Apron, who both spend countless dollars on sponsored content marketing on Binging With Babish’s channels. Check out the official website for delicious recipes, events, and other cool information.


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