The Rise of Fashion Influencers

Fashion influencers are transforming the fashion industry in many ways. As we grow more and more dependent on social media, it’s become integrated into our lives, we’re becoming more influenced by what we see online than ever before
– especially when it comes to fashion.

The online world is not only a place to sell, it’s also where you reach audiences, and the best way to do it is by focusing on influencers. From fashion bloggers to social media celebrities, influencers have tremendous power over their audiences. Fashion companies are now pivoting towards digital platforms for sales as well as marketing. They are communicating their brand’s visions in an authentic and innovative way through fashion influencers, for-millennials platform. Fashion influencers are not just an extra asset in fashion marketing campaigns, they’ve become an integral part of the storytelling between the clothes and the consumer.

What is the role of an Influencer?

Fashion influencers are mainly known for creating fashion content and having the power to influence the opinion and purchase behavior of thousands of their Instagram followers. With platforms like Instagram, we can essentially become our own magazine editors, sharing our personal style with potentially millions of users. Fashion influencers with their high social following help increase awareness of brand and influence the purchasing patterns of a target audience. Seeing fashion influencers we admire or look up to wearing particular outfit or using a certain product is a vote of confidence in a brand that makes us more likely to purchase that particular product or interact with the brand in the future. Instagram influencers are becoming a more significant part of fashion marketing.

The Impact of Fashion Influencers

Fashion influencers have such an impact on the way that consumers shop that brands reach out to them for content collaborations – which creates a domino effect making other brands want to be a part of the trend.  Fashion influencers or bloggers are often offered the chance to become an ambassador of a brand in which they mix the brand’s selection with their own designer style to create one-of-a-kind looks. Some influencers have even had the chance to create collections of their own. Fashion influencer marketing has been such a success due to accessibility. It’s so much easier to simply type in the address of a blog or to follow someone on Instagram, giving audiences direct, 24/7 access to their favorite influencers.

Fashion Influencers