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November 28, 2018
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What does it mean to be a trendsetter? It means that your ideas and input matter. Solidifying yourself as a trendsetter isn’t always an easy path. It means taking fashion risks without fear of failure. Trendsetters earn this prestigious designation through confidence and a strong desire to impress yourself rather than others. It’s easy to follow established trends; however, it’s braver to be the first to showcase snakeskin blouses, western cowgirl boots, and neon hues fresh off the S/S19 runways.

Now, designers send some wacky things down the runway, so we’re not telling you to try every look you see on the models. Instead, we urge you to spot pieces and motifs that speak to you and run with them! In an effort to display the essence of trendsetting in all its glory, we’re shining spotlights on Canadian influencers, Lucie Rhèaume Gonzalez, Laurie Doucet, and Noèmy Petit.

Laurie Doucet

Fashion leader and haute innovator, Laurie Doucet (@lauriedou7), can spot good clothes from a mile away. From chunky knits featuring fringe statement sleeves to figure-hugging matching sets in modish plaid prints, this fashion whiz is always two steps ahead of the game. She has mastered laidback chic and is a professional at uptown sleek. She’s a true trendsetter in our books (from the couch to the club). Wherever she goes, fashion trends always seem to follow close by.

Lucie Rhèaume Gonzalez

Canadian heartthrob, Lucie Rhèaume Gonzalez (@lucierheaume) is always the first to catch wind of trends. Take the resurrection of the baker boy cap and cheetah print, for instance. This new street style hat is an incredibly difficult accessory to pull off in its most basic form. Likewise, cheetah’s comeback has left fashion speculators with some uncertainty. Now imagine paring these two emerging trends together into one whopping cheetah print baker boy cap (that’s a mouthful). Easy peasy for Lucie! By wearing just that, she makes a major fashion point. We love this fearlessness, and we hope you do too!

Noèmy Petit

Noèmy Petit (@noemypetit) has a million dollar smile and style for miles. This fabulous fashionista stays on top of all of fashion’s crazes and street style’s buzziest trends. So, what’s the word on the street? A little birdie told us she’s an early adopter to fashion, making her a total trailblazer. Wearing denim on denim with the utmost confidence and rocking crop tops like a superstar, she clearly has no shortage of boldness. When it comes to pushing the envelope, we can’t think of a better trendsetter to follow.


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