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At LFI, we find ourselves inspired by ambitious, powerful women seeking to make a change in the world. Some of our favourite girl bosses overcome tremendous hurdles in order to start their own companies and build their own brands. These Canadian women of color embody every trait to which we aspire to become. Not to mention they all work incredibly hard to perfect their products. So keep reading to learn more about these amazing women and their equally amazing brands.

 Hydrate Your Skin With She-y by Menaye

She-y by Menaye is a line of luxury Italian shea butters that are rich, airy, and soft. The butters are nourishing, refreshing, and made with centuries-old techniques and traditions. As a bonus, the shea butter smells fresh, clean, and high-end. The founder of this amazing company, Menaye Donkor, was born in 1981 in Toronto, Ontario. She then moved and spent her childhood in Accra, Ghana. At 18, Menaye went back to Canada to get a degree in Marketing from York University in Toronto.

Since then, Menaye has continued to call Canada and Italy home. In 2013, Menaye made the list of the 15 Most Influential Africans in Canada. Her brand continues to flourish and she inspires everyone she meets to follow their dreams until they transform into reality.

 Ditch The Norm and Try Thinx


Thinx is a revolutionary feminine hygiene company that makes menstruation friendly underwear for women of all shapes and sizes. The idea is for Thinx undergarments to be worn either with or in lieu of traditional sanitary napkins or tampons. The company’s co-founders, Miki and Radha Agrawals, are mixed heritage Canadian twins. These stunning and ambitious ladies are Japanese, Indian, and French-Canadian.

Miki and Radha are true girl-bosses, having transformed their company into a family business working with a family-owned, ethically manufacturing factory in Sri Lanka. Not only does Thinx sell their cutting-edge undergarments to women throughout North America, but the sisters also partnered with the Uganda-based company AFRIpads to provide women in developing countries access to adequate feminine hygiene products.

 Support Women When You Buy NIU BODY

nu body

Natural beauty gurus, Laura Burget and Connie Lo, founded NIU BODY in 2017. This skincare brand is natural, approachable, and affordable. They want to support all women by helping them recognize their worth, beauty, and purpose through skin care and self-love.

Connie is an Asian-Canadian beauty who traveled the world with her entrepreneur father throughout her childhood. Connie uses gained experience from her travels to new places to learn about branding and problem solving in new cultures. Her diverse background influences her brand to create cutting-edge and inclusive skincare products.

 Follow These Diverse Queens For Endless Inspiration

Starting your own brand is inevitably hard, and these Canadian women of color show that dedication and passion will pay off in the end. Try out these innovate products to help pamper yourself and support your fellow girl bosses.


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