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February 22, 2019
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Allana Davison is that girl with the glowing skin and pearly white smile. She is so down to earth and relatable. She has a big following on Instagram and even bigger following on YouTube. Allana is all about giving tips and tricks to her followers, which is something that they really love. Now without further ado, here are Allana’s top three must-watch YouTube Videos.

How To Look Good In 5 Minutes

Did you honestly expect anything less? In this 22-minute video, Allana received about 2 million views on YouTube. This is her most popular video to date. Allana breaks down a few products that she uses on a daily basis to get ready in less than 5 minutes. Allana reveals the steps she takes to get a natural yet radiant look. In the description box, you can find all of the products she used to achieve the look, which is an added bonus in case you were looking for a specific product she mentioned. The video is easy to follow and quite entertaining.

Wintery Sunday Morning Routine

In this video, Allana breaks down what she goes through as her entire Sunday morning routine in the morning. Allana doesn’t skip out on any juicy insight. From literally waking up to making breakfast, Allana’s devoted followers finally catch an in-depth look at this fashion influencer’s life.

Allana has a great routine that many could easily follow which is a plus. Again she lists all of the products that she uses in the description box. This girl loves to devote some time to prepare meals for the upcoming week. She writes down all of the groceries that she needs and she’s out the door to face the cold.

3 Looks Using the Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Palette

In this video, Allana uses the Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Palette to display three different looks. The looks go from everyday casual wear to a heavier going out type of look. The natural look she goes for is a pinky nude type of look that you can wear pretty much anywhere. Wear this look to school or wear it to work. It definitely will have heads turning!

Allana goes for much more of a red tone in her second look. It has deeper colors that make it more of a nighttime type of look. The last and final look that she displays is the deepest of the three. The main attention is on the eyes and she pairs the look with a nude pink lip. The three looks are simple to follow and descriptive. You don’t have to be a makeup artist to achieve these looks, which is amazing!

Subscribe to Allana’s YouTube Channel

We could go on and on talking about more of Allana’s videos, but why spoil the fun? We’re giving this fashionista an A+! Allana is definitely a must-follow for all fashion and beauty advice. She is stylish and trendy yet edgy at the same time. She accommodates her videos to the needs of her viewers, which is great. If you haven’t subscribed to her YouTube channel, you’ll definitely want to press that subscribe button.


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