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Allegra Shaw is that girl that makes you want to keep up with all of the latest fashion and beauty trends out there. In addition to making her presence known on Instagram, Allegra took her growing empire to YouTube where she creates amazing content for her followers to enjoy. From fashion to beauty to personal videos Allegra does it all. Without further ado, here are 3 videos that we feel truly capture Allegra Shaw’s magic. We hope you enjoy.

Morning Routine

Some of Allegra’s best YouTube videos show her morning routines. In these videos, she really takes the time to highlight how she gets ready for the day. Packed with juicy tips, her followers really adore these videos because it allows them to relate better to a style icon. This video has about 4 million views and her follows routinely request future installments.

Casual Winter Outfits

There’s no denying that Allegra has an incredible sense of fashion. She is up-to-date on all of the latest trends. This brings us to the next video that we’re obsessed with: Allegra’s “Casual Winter Outfits” video that was an instantly a hit. She shows her fans some options to wear in the winter that are still very cute, stylish, and perfect for a casual setting. They are also affordable which is another plus that her followers love about her. Despite uploading this video over a year ago, it still remains one of her top videos on her channel, which is why we give this video a well-deserved A+!

Casual Spring Outfits

Since Allegra’s “Casual Winter Outfits” video was so popular with her followers, she went ahead and uploaded a spring version. In “Casual Spring Outfits,” Allegra takes the time to show her followers various casual outfits they can wear once spring arrives. What’s really great about this video is that she actually demonstrates how to throw together a completely flawless outfit rather than just talking about. Yes, this is definitely one of Allegra’s best, which is why we gave this video an A+. (Did you REALLY expect anything else?)

Watch Allegra On YouTube

Allegra is definitely one fashion influencer that you should keep on your radar. Her funny and outgoing personality makes her so relatable. She really takes the time to produce great videos for her followers. She takes the time to listen to what her followers want and she is always interacting with them about what other types of videos they might be interested in. Make sure you hit the subscribe button on Allegra’s YouTube channel today to enjoy more videos from this style genius.


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