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Vicky Fortin (@vickyfortin) is the Quebecois queen taking the fashion world by storm. This influencer embodies confidence, poise, selfless motherhood, and effortless style. Sit back and relax as we dive in and find out more about this mother, style icon, and all around Canadian lady boss.

Vicky’s Influencer Profile

Vicky Fortin is a social media influencer in the making. She has a total of 25.4K followers on her growing Instagram page. Her Instagram feed is composed of pictures and videos of her being a mom to her gorgeous and loving three children. Additionally, she heavily features #OOTD pictures that highlight her incredible style. You will constantly see Vicky with a big grin on her face, going on adventures with her kids, and enjoying life with her husband.

She also has a fantastic YouTube channel. Les Vlogs de Vicky attracted an impressive 7.7K followers after only being active for a week. Her YouTube content consists of Q&A sessions with her husband, and day-in-the-life style vlogs with her children. Don’t be surprised if you lose the afternoon binging her content. Subscribe to her channel to keep up with Vicky and her beautiful family!

Vicky’s Passion For Fashion

Vicky is all about the seamless marriage of comfort and style. She’s a massive fan of headbands and incorporates them into most of her looks. We can’t really blame her – she does have an uncanny ability to style this simple staple in exciting new ways

Catch this Canadian fashion icon rocking headbands with eye-catching patterns. She usually includes these adorable pieces in her outfits for an extra pop of colour. Do you want to keep up-to-date with the latest adorable fashion trends? Then make sure you subscribe to Vicky’s page for a constant stream of #OOTD inspiration!

Life As A Proud Mama

Vicky is all about embracing that #mommylife. She wants the world to know how much she loves her children. Her Instagram page is filled with fun pictures of her and her lil bebs going on adventures. Vicky is clearly a devoted mother, and is constantly dolling out tips and motherhood hacks to her devoted followers.

Vicky’s Creative Collaborations

This Canadian mama has enjoyed a few fruitful brand collaborations and influencer marketing campaigns. Brands like Chef Cook It (@chefcookit), Evive Smoothie (@evivesmoothie), and Slimwave Body Sculpt (@slimwave) have leveraged her sizable audience to drive sales and sign ups. One thing that sets Vicky apart from other influencers is that she is genuine and collaborates with brands that she truly believes in.

Follow Vicky Fortin Today!

Vicky Fortin is a funny, caring, and beautiful fashionista with the world at her feet! If you aren’t following her on Instagram or YouTube you really are missing out. For fashion inspiration and parenting tips follow Vicky today.

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