Genevieve Dansereau

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Genevieve Dansereau (@gendansereau) is our latest obsession. Her Instagram following of over 7,000 continues to grow and we’re just waiting for the day she takes the whole social media world by storm. Her big smile, blonde hair and cute outfits make it hard to resist scrolling through her photos. This relatable lady from Montreal will have you obsessing over her feed just like us in no time.

Trendy Fashionista

So many of us stick to one specific style, afraid to try and pull off something new, but Genevieve changes up her ensemble constantly and looks always looks stunning. Whether it’s her effortless confidence or eye for style that makes her look so awesome, we’re not sure. Either way, we know that whether she opts for a casual look for her beach travels or decides to dress up for the night, she creates outfits we would add to our wardrobe in a heartbeat.

Festival Fanatic

There’s something to be said for never taking yourself too seriously. Genevieve is all about sharing her latest laughs and happiest moments rather than trying to get the absolute perfect selfie lighting. One of her most frequent hobbies involves going to music festivals with friends from Osheaga to Metro Metro to Escapade. She doesn’t pass up a moment to relax and enjoy herself even just for a day. Her fun-loving energy shines through in her photos bringing a smile from followers and making all of us jealous of her busy, exciting lifestyle.

World Traveler

She may be a Montreal girl, but Genevieve spends most her time exploring all the beautiful locales the world has to offer. She has taken followers along with her on her journeys to Hawaii, Costa Rica, Iceland, Mexico and more. If we didn’t know any better, we would wonder if she ever took a minute to sit back and relax back in her home city. The beautiful landscapes she captures of sunsets, volcanoes and other breathtaking scenery inspire us to get outside and start saving up for some amazing trips of our own. Take a minute to look through them yourself, and we guarantee you’ll feel the same.

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