Catherine Reitman

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Canadian-American actress, Catherine Reitman is most notable for her role as Kate Foster on the hit show Workin' Moms. She is active on both Instagram and Twitter. Her followers on both platforms can enjoy funny, light-hearted content that will have them giggling to themselves all day.

Workin' Mom

Catherine spends a good deal of her online time, promoting her show. She uses her Instagram (@reitcatou) to support the show's continued success. She is rightfully very proud of her work and is sure it’s something everyone will enjoy. Workin’ Moms is an international sensation and has been nominated for the International Emmy of Best Comedy for the last two years. You can find clips and updates of the show on her account, which are glimpses and updates of Catherine’s real-life. Her 46.3 thousand followers are privy to giggles, mom advice, and positivity inspiration.

Empowering Women Everywhere

On her Twitter (@reitcatou), Catherine is vocal about female empowerment. She believes that women should work together and believes that the “best dressed” section of tabloids needs to be a thing of the past. She believes women shouldn’t be pitted against each other, they should be on the same team! She is always promoting female empowerment. As seen across all her social media platforms, her show, and interviews, she wants all women to know that they are not alone. She advises that if you have the chance to work with friends to do it. She proves that when you care enough about a project it can do nothing but succeed. Forbes Magazine names her as the headliner for “A Future of Television That is Female.” Women like Catherine, who are passionate about their work, have been so successful on television lately and we can't wait to see what's next.

Mommy Life

Reitman’s little son is often featured on her Instagram. Most of the time, these posts are light-hearted. However, Catherine explains that being a mommy isn’t easy. She understands that it can look effortless on TV but in reality, it’s hard yet so rewarding. It is no surprise that she encourages women to avoid the idea of the perfect mom. When the camera isn’t recording, life can become messy and Catherine is the first to acknowledge it. She wants everyone to live a perfectly imperfect life of laughter and passion.

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