Zoe Dugas

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Zoe Dugas (@zoedgs) is a fashionista with a chic, stylish aesthetic. This 22-year-old brunette beauty lives in the nice Canadian city Trois-Rivieres, which makes for some beautiful backgrounds in her Instagram posts. Zoe’s a fashion influencer for Urban Planet, a Canadian outlet for fashionable, trendy clothes. Regarding her love life, she’s also part of a happy couple with Guillaume Decelles (@guillaumedecelles). Check out her account today for some style inspiration.

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Zoe’s account is super stylish. Her posts feature chic, trendy outfits that look perfectly put together. What would describe her style in a few words? Elegant, clean, and sleek. Her outfits always fit her perfectly and she looks classy in every post. Some of the outfits that stand out the most are a black and white outfit with an oversized, plaid statement blazer and a clean white bag, a monochromatic, coral sleeveless romper, and an ivory sweater paired with plaid red cropped trousers.

She kills it in both simple and statement pieces and is the accessories queen. Whether it’s a feminine hair scarf, dainty layered necklaces, or a sassy hat, Zoe always knows how to choose just the right accessories to complete all her amazing outfits. Many of her posts also feature beautiful nature scenes such as the beach or snow as backgrounds.

Check Out Zoe At Urban Planet

Zoe is an influencer for Urban Planet and promotes an edgy pair of dark mom shorts in one of her posts. Urban Planet has lots of cute, trendy pieces for any occasion on your calendar. Whether you’re trying to find a cute outfit for brunch with the girls, a trendier business-casual piece for your internship, a romantic date look, or that perfect night-out look for Friday night, Urban Planet has it all. Check out their website to shop for some stylish pieces to add to your wardrobe.

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Zoe is a fashionista with an amazing style. Her outfits are super cute and if you’re feeling inspired and want to dress like her, you can find pieces just like hers at Urban Planet. Check out her account today and shop Urban Planet for some great fashion!

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