Tessa Virtue

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We recently discovered one of our newest fashion influencers. Get ready for a double threat! Tessa Virtue is a 3-time Olympic champion and a true fashion icon. As an ice dancer representing her proud country, Tessa stood as an idol for thousands of Canadian teens. Tessa Virtue (@tessavirtue17) is all about pushing herself and helping others realize their full potential. Tessa always shares inspirational quotes such as “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful,” and “I didn’t come this far to only come this far.”

Instagram Content

Tessa currently has about 367K followers on Instagram and over 1,000 posts. Her posts consist of her working out, having photoshoots with various unique brands, skating competitions, events she attends, and inspirational quotes. Her content keeps her followers on the edge of their seats waiting to see what else she will post.

Fashion Style

Tessa’s style is very classy, sophisticated yet casual. When Tessa is on vacation, you can find her rocking cute bright bikinis and elegant two-piece sets. When she is not on vacation, Tessa shows off eye-catching workout clothes that'll make your head spin.

Inspiration For Young Girls

Tessa is a true inspiration not only for young women but also for women of all ages. Tessa is all about positivity and pushing women to never doubt themselves. You can find Tessa posting a bunch of content where she supports girl power and fighting for what you believe in. For example, she posted a picture of herself recently with a quote saying “There is a spotlight on women in general right now, athletes included. We have power, we have a voice, and we are on a mission”. This just goes to show how serious Tessa is about being the voice to those who might not have it.

Tessa Virtue: The Ice Dancing Queen

Tessa is not only a fashion icon, but she is also an Olympic winner. Tessa won an Olympic championship in 2010 and 2018. She also has her own TV series called Tessa and Scott. The show follows Tessa and Scott’s lives both on and off the ice rink. This show is very relatable and you don’t have to be an ice dancer to fall in love with this pair.

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Tessa is the influencer that many women need in today’s society. Tessa is down to earth no matter how much fame she gets under her belt. Tessa has the style, she has the charisma, and she has the brains to take over the world. That's right: Tessa Virtue is a must-follow in 2019!

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