Meagan Ali

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The blonde and beautiful free spirit, Meagan Ali (@meaganslack) looks like a real-life Sleeping Beauty. Though she loves to work from bed and has a pension for spotting the most comfortable looking mattress furnishings on the web, her life could not be further from a snoozer. Meagan is living life to the fullest and her 6.7K Instagram

Breakaway Movement

Meagan is partnered with Breakaway Movement, an online training program for people that are interested in being their own boss. They advise people who are interested in turning their online presence into a thriving business. Meagan expresses immense gratitude to the program for allowing her to make her own rules and be in charge of her own life. She loves not having anyone tell her what to do!

Veggie Monster

Ali’s career journey is inspiration enough for anyone looking to make a profit with their social media. But followers can also find food inspiration in a big way on her vegan highlight. Whether you’re looking to eat more fruits and veggies or looking to make the switch to a vegan diet, Meagan has you covered. Her highlight is chock full of colourful ideas that look delicious! She certainly takes eating the rainbow seriously. You never get bored with your new diet thanks to Meagan, and you’ll be sure to get all the nutrients you need.

Sweater Sensation

In the upcoming winter months, sweaters are going to be a must-have. If you’re worried about falling into a sweater and jeans uniform, Meagan is here to save the day. She’s bold in bright coloured knits and doesn’t shy away from pastels, despite the season’s penchant for darks. She also shakes things up with a dainty black silk dress over a chunky knit cream sweater for a contrast that is as comfortable as it is striking.

Self-Love Advocate

Meagan is a huge advocate of self-love. She encourages followers to be in tune with their needs, both mentally and physically, and take the utmost care of themselves. Meagan is also big on followers chasing their dreams and making them a reality. She wants all of her followers to “stop waiting to fall in love with life.” She’s constantly promoting a lifestyle that is individualistic and not influenced by conventional pressures. She truly believes this is the highest form of self-love.

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