Maude Therrien

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Maude Therrien (@maudetherrienn) is the adorable Canadian girl with the long curly brown hair with a great sense of fashion and humor. Maude is always smiling in all of her Instagram pictures and simply shares her everyday adventures with her followers whether that is taking pictures in front of a jaw-dropping sunset or any type of amazing scenery or simply taking pictures with friends her content is by far amazing.

Fashion Style

Maude’s sense of style is usually girly, stylish and comfortable. You can find her sporting a cute and sophisticated off the shoulder top with some cute jeans and a belt. When the colder weather approaches Maude enjoys pairing a cute simple tee with some skinny jeans, a cute pair of booties, and a winter weather hat. Maude’s sense of style is very relatable to girls of her age, which is why she has become so successful on Instagram. 

Influencer Profile

Maude’s Instagram has 160 posts in counting that include pictures of herself with an amazing background, pictures of her with her friends at concerts, festivals, or simply just enjoying time out with her friends. Something unique about Maude is that she enjoys taking pictures outdoors and she really appreciates nature and she usually will take pictures of herself out in nature or of nature in general. If you scroll further down on her news feed you will find pictures of items she enjoys eating or drinking. From Starbucks to Dairy Queen she makes sure these pictures come out artsy and really gravitate her follower’s attention.
Maude not only uses Instagram she also has a Snapchat account where she encourages her followers to follow her on. Her Snapchat username is: @Maudepanda.


Recently Maude has partnered up with Urban Planet and is uploading pictures of how her followers can win some great prizes. One of the posts that she partnered with she states that how to participate in the contest you have to follow a few simple rules. You have to follow her on Instagram, follow Urban Planet, and tag in the comment section a friend. The rules can very sometimes.


Her audience is generally teens that seem to be around the ages of 13-22. Maude tends to get between 10-40 comments on her posts and she is always engaging back with her followers. Each post that she uploads tends to receive between 1000-4000 likes per post. Her followers are very engaged with all of her content.

YouTube Channel

Not only is Maude active on Instagram and Snapchat she has also jumped on the bandwagon of YouTube. She has a channel where she uploads funny videos of herself and what she typically does day to day. She started the YouTube channel a little over 5 months ago and tends to post once a month. Maude has 7,348 followers in counting and she typically receives anywhere form 10K to 16K in views, which is really great. Her videos are of herself talking with her followers and showing them her morning routine as well as doing a video with her sister called “The Sister Tag”. She wants to be more engaged on YouTube and asks her followers to leave her with video suggestions of what she should film for her channel so that she can continue providing them with amazing quality content. She is always trying to engage with her followers by commenting back on the comments they leave on her videos.

Follow Maude

If you want a good laugh or simply are looking for an Instagram influencer you can relate to then Maude is your girl. With posts based on fashion, her daily life, and much more Maude is the right influencer to follow to get amazing interesting content and fashion inspiration.

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