Maude St-Amour

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Looking for someone that exudes cool, everyday style and has a ridiculously cute puppy? Maude St-Amour (@maude.stamour) is the girl for you. Watch this Montreal beauty live the dream model life with her dog Lexie by her side along with her 21.6k followers on Instagram. This queen has an effortless fashion sense whether she’s taking snaps in Disney, LA, or at home with her friends and boyfriend, and never fails to look gorgeous!

Puppy Overload

Maude never goes anywhere without her puppy Lexie. She welcomed the Cavalier Spaniel home in December 2018, and Maude has spoiled her rotten! Maude posts Insta stories of her cute puppy every day and we couldn’t be more thankful or in love! Lexie loves carrots and is always stealing Maude’s fuzzy blankets to sleep in, making every day an at-home adventure for our girl. Needless to say, we’re excited to see this adorable puppy grow up on our feed.

Everyday Summer Style

Maude takes full advantage of the summer weather in Montreal and never fails to post cute pictures of her by the pool! This maven exemplifies poolside style. She loves square-neck bikinis with high-waisted bottoms, as well as colour-blocked one-pieces. Catch her at the beach playing football with her boyfriend or simply lounging, soaking up the summer sun!

When not tanning, Maude stays ahead of the trends and always looks fresh in her #OOTD posts! During the summer she keeps it simple with white tank tops tucked into high-waisted denim shorts or jeans. With her abundance of friends, you’ll bet that Maude attends a lot of weddings, and she arrives in absolutely regal floral or glitter dresses. It’s clear that no matter where she goes, Maude stays cool and trendy.

Partnerships With Other Brands

This fit beauty loves collaborating with athleisure brands. She has posted tons of pictures in her favourite Adjust Apparel (@adjustapparel) hoodie and Rise (@rise) t-shirt. Like many other influencers, Maude has also teamed up with Daniel Wellington (@danielwellington) and wears their classic simple white face watch every day. You can see from her brand partners that Maude prioritizes comfy, affordable fashion for her and her followers!

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