Marie Hélène

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Canada native Marie Hélène certainly knows a thing or two about how to pose for the camera. Her alluring Instagram page (@heliee) captivates her followers and gives us all serious inspiration on how to dress for any occasion. Marie is a yoga instructor at Wellness Hot Yoga in Concord and lives with a calm and determined mindset. Her favourite quote, “For all the bad that seems to plague us, I swear to you there's good” can be read front and center in her Instagram bio. You should give Marie a follow if you want inspiration on how to live your best life.

The Wellness Woman

Marie practices wellness and we can certainly see how it helps her keep her hectic life in balance. She is constantly posting content from the yoga studio she works at, in her work out attire, contorting her body in all sorts of impressive poses. She also has various highlights on her Instagram page, which show her doing advanced yoga poses, as well as all of the progress she makes in the gym. We love that she posts a lot of her athletic routines because it inspires us to get moving and also gives us tips on how we can work out as hard as she does.

From Gym To Glam

Although Marie certainly posts her fair share of gym and yoga studio pictures that does not mean that athletic attire is all she wears. In fact, the other half of her feeds consists of her wearing stunning dresses and gown to various dinners and events. She always looks absolutely amazing in everything she wears. Not only will she wear a silk red gown, but also she’ll add sparkly jewelry and exquisite makeup to complete her look. She makes the pictures she posts look like they are straight out of a photoshoot with her glammed up outfits, and fancy locals.

The Best Of Both Worlds

If you’re looking for a Canadian Queen who can go from sweating it out in a hot yoga studio to dinner at Canada’s most exclusive luxury restaurants and events, then look no further than Marie Hélène. Give her a follow today and you certainly will not regret it.

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