Laurie Côté

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Laurie Côté (@lauriedouceur) is a fabulous nutrition student at Laval University with a passionate and positive attitude. She is a strong believer in having a healthy diet and living a happy life. In addition to eating the right foods, she cares about being physically active is open about her feelings. Laurie also has an amazing nutrition blog, petite douceur, where she shares healthy recipes and tips. While she is passionate about living a healthy life, she does not believe that everyone needs to force themselves to eat only healthy food. Laurie knows it is important to splurge once in a while, and she thinks it is important to feel good with what you choose to eat. In fact, she loves desserts and sweets! Aside from food, Laurie also loves fashion and beauty. She is truly an amazing follow!

Check Out Her Blog For Some Foodie and Beauty Inspiration

If you’re looking for some great recipes, and yummy food ideas, you need to read her blog as soon as possible. Some of her delicious recipe ideas include dark chocolate mousse with tofu, mini quiches with spinach, peppers and cheddar muffins, and a peach and orange creamsicle smoothie. Looking at these recipes is making us hungry! Besides her recipes, Laurie’s blog is also like a magazine loaded with advice on beauty and self-care topics like how to get more radiant and beautiful skin. Check out her blog if you’re looking for some lifestyle improvement.

The Collaboration Queen

Laurie is a fashionista with a passion for food and has already accomplished so much. She is following her passions and killing it, making her an inspiration for anyone else looking to live a happy, balanced life. She is a content creator but also works as a recipe writer, food photographer, and fashion promoter. Her Instagram looks top-notch, so if you love food, fashion, beauty, lifestyle or all of the above, we recommend showing her some love today!

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