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Kodette LaBarbera (@kodettelabarbera) is a happy mommy with a beautiful family with an Instagram following of over 26.3k. Her husband, Jason LaBarbera, is a professional ice hockey goaltender. Kodette is a very busy bee; in addition to her family, she also works in real estate. She’s also on the “Our Hockey Life” podcast (@our_hockey_life), and is a strong advocate for autism awareness. Kodette is also super-stylish and slays in all of her outfits. Kodette is a lady who does it all!

Family First

As soon as you look at Kodette’s Instagram page, you’ll see that she loves her family more than anything. She posts plenty of pictures with her adorable two kids and her husband during their daily lives and she makes beautiful posts of them on adventures. They’re such a fun, happy family! Kodette will do anything to help out her loving family.  One of her sons, Ryder, has autism, and because of this, Kodette is a huge advocate for autism awareness. She loves and cares for Ryder deeply, so she is committed to raising awareness for autism. Many of her Instagram posts feature Ryder, and she even has a whole story highlight devoted to autism awareness. One of her posts that really touched our hearts was a post where Kodette gave Ryder special cookies to bring to class based on street signs because one of his “quirks” is that he loves street signs. So cute!

Our Hockey Life Podcast

On top of posting about her busy life, Kodette also helps run a podcast called Our Hockey Life. The podcast is all about what it’s like to be in a family with a professional hockey player.  She shares all of the details of this exciting world. Their interviews allow listeners to hear amusing and entertaining stories about being inside the hockey world. Kodette has even gotten some big-name guests on her show including Wendy Tippett, Angela Price, and Janet Gretzky. Whether you love hockey, you’re interested in hearing about what that life is all about, or you just want to listen to some funny stories, this podcast is worth listening to.

Kodette’s a Canadian Queen With a Heart of Gold

Kodette LaBarbera is killing it on all of her social media accounts. She is stylish, sweet, a great mom and wife, and a hard worker. She’s also very passionate about what she believes in and isn’t afraid to raise her voice. What more could you look for in an influencer? Check out her account and podcast today!

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