Jordan Dixon

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Jordan “Jordy” Dixon (@jordydix) is a perky personal trainer active on Instagram. Her 16.5k followers can turn to her for fitness inspiration and ready to wear outfit ideas. They can also go to her for life coaching on her website where she promotes her company, Jordy Dix Coaching.

Fitness Freak

Jordy loves to help others, she frequently posts work out videos on her feed as well as story highlights for exercise routines and meal inspiration. In addition to making herself available for professional coaching, Jordan likes to make sure she can help everyone. She launched a YouTube channel this year for anyone that wants the training without the fees. Her mission is to help followers achieve a healthy body that they can be proud of.

"Sporty Spice"

If you’ve ever wondered how to make leggings look cute without feeling frumpy or lazy, Jordan is your girl. She is often pictured on her feed in athletic wear that looks adorable, as it is breathable. Who says gym wear shouldn’t be worn out of the gym? Jordy proves that you can be comfortable and put together.

Beautiful Beach Body

The benefit of always being bikini-ready is that you can chase the sun all you want and look amazing doing it. Jordy’s travel highlight is filled to the brim with balmy beach destinations. Her feed is littered with ocean views that will have you packing your bags. If you already have a sunny destination in mind and don’t know what to wear, Jordy is your go-to girl. This girl knows how to hunt down a good bikini!

Effortless Style

Though Jordy makes the fit life look effortless, she’s open about how incredibly difficult it is to get in shape and stay in shape. She wants followers to know that it is okay to be overwhelmed and that they mustn’t let it get them down. She has tips for staying mindfully healthy and physically healthy so that followers can be their best selves and live the lives they deserve.

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