Franceska Fournier

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Fashion influencer and model Franceska Fournier (@franceskafournier) is a blonde beauty that loves to travel. She likes to stay fit for her beach destinations and shows it off in a cute bikini. Bang Energy drinks, whom she is partnered with, fuels her on the go lifestyle.

Franceska’s Sporty Style

When she’s not rocking a bikini, Franceska can be seen sporting a tank top and bike shorts or styling a tracksuit, looking amazing. She lives an active lifestyle and her style reflects that. Franceska’s 608K followers can find her feed filled with these shots of sporty spice aesthetic.

Wanderlust Adventures

Her story highlights include insights into her adventures in Greece, Italy as well as her favourite beach destinations. Her feed boasts tons of beachy destinations and warm weather hot spots where she can show off her flattering Boutine LA bikinis. She encourages followers to stop waiting for summer and chase it!

Fall Fashion With Franceska

While Franceska takes some time off from chasing the sun, her fall fashion consists of classic jeans and fluffy quarter zips. In a recent photoshoot, she is seen rocking a classic black long-sleeved turtleneck and round glasses for a more studious look, balancing out her beauty and brains. You’ll be able to find all sorts of outfit inspiration among her fitness and travel photos.

Why You Need To Follow Franceska Fournier

With the bubbly blonde on their feed, followers are sure to have a brighter day. Franceska is all about inspiring followers to chase their passions by staying active and happy. Franceska promotes an overall jovial lifestyle that can help brighten anyone’s day.

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