Caroline Levesque

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Caroline Levesque’s (@caro.levesque) Instagram screams beachy, relaxed vibes. Especially as the weather starts to cool down, a glimpse at her photos is a welcome respite from thinking about the cold days to come. Though she isn’t as well known as some other influencers her beauty and style expertise combined with her nonstop travel have gotten her noticed by us. Add her to your list of Montreal trendsetters to follow because she has outfits you’ll fall in love with and captures moments you just won’t want to miss.

Minimalist Street Style

Even donning bikinis on the beach, Caroline seems to stick to neutral tones and simple, classic swimsuits. Outside of her sunny destinations, she rarely strays from grays, whites, browns, and blacks sticking to her classic, timeless taste. We love her commitment to her style and how she adds a few stripes or polka dots to the mix whenever she feels like changing it up a bit. Her usual choice of a button-down tied at the front or a simple monochromatic crop top makes her look sophisticated and chic while still creating a subtle beachy look. You can look to her to see how to appear classy even while you’re relaxing at home.

Collaborations With Beauty Brands

When it comes to makeup and beauty advice, Caroline’s recommendations are a safe bet. She seems to never take a bad photo and has perfected that natural look. Her collaborations with Biotherm, L’Oréal Hair, and Nuda are proof positive that she knows what she’s talking about. Just one glance at her wavy hair and gorgeous skin shows that even while using the added help of these products, you can count on her to embrace natural beauty always. Caroline is all about feeling beautiful and comfortable in your own skin. We hope to see her pair up with even more brands in the future.

Trips To The Tropics

Caroline sure knows how to do vacations right. Forget touring boring museums or pretending to enjoy hiking, she is all about lounging on the sand and enjoying the sunshine. Her travels have taken her to Lagos, Portugal, the French Riviera, and even the quaint New England beaches of Maine. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days gazing at palm trees and working on their tan if they had the chance? Caroline’s photos tend to have us wondering why we’re sitting on our couch hitting the like button instead of joining her on these epic excursions.

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