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May 7, 2019
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Over the past couple of months, Instagram proved time after time that it’s taking over the social media world. From uploading compelling stories to showcasing your latest OOTD inspiration, Instagram pretty much has it all. We, personally, use the social media giant to discover new influencers for all of our fashion needs. If you live in the Vancouver area, then boy oh boy do we have a treat for you. Here are 3 ladies who’ve taken their Instagram game to the next level. !

Kelsey Faith

Kelsey Faith (@kfaith08) is the beautiful blonde taking over the Instagram world while look fabulous. Kelsey is a free spirit and super edgy, which allow her style to capture everyone’s attention. Kelsey rose to fame after she appeared on the Canadian TV show, Big Brother. After her television debut, she continued to build momentum on Instagram. You can find Kelsey rocking the latest styles and overall being her goofy self. Kelsey absolutely adores nature. From breathtaking sunsets to cascading waterfalls, follow this girl’s Instagram to enjoy beautiful pictures taken from all around the world.

Jenna Warren

Let’s spill the tea about Jenna Warren (@jenna_warren). With eyes as light as the sky on a crystal clear afternoon, Jenna is a talented actress ready to take on the world. You can always find Jenna with the biggest smile on her face, and in a cheery mood. Jenna always posts snippets of her daily life like her skincare routine, excursions with friends, and even her diet. She holds a very unique and chic style that screams comfort. If you are looking to follow someone with a bubbly personality, then Jenna is your girl!

Charlotte Pedneault

Charlotte (@charlottepedneault) is a pizza and sunset loving Vancouver chick that with a large Instagram following. Charlotte loves rocking bikinis and enjoying everything that nature has to offer. This summer, try taking inspiration from all of Charlotte’s stunning outfit ideas! After all, she is the bikini queen! Go ahead and give Charlotte a follow on the gram! You really won’t regret it!

These Vancouver Girls Are Must-Follows

Each one of these girls has their own personal style and personality that will keep you wanting more. Stop what you are doing at this very moment and log into Instagram and go give these girls a follow!


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