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Instagram’s Discover Page is a great place to find enthusiastic influencers and daily fashion inspiration for any style. Stumbling upon outfit-of-the-day (OOTD) posts and gathering fashion ideas is easier than ever thanks to a diverse network of influencers! However, if you’re looking for local fashion trends, the task becomes a bit trickier. So, we’re calling out to all fashionistas in Montreal! Read on to discover Montreal’s fashion elite and stay up-to-date with the city’s latest styles and trends.

Camille Dg

CEO of a marketing agency, Crèation Codmorse, and upscale blog, Le Cahier, it seems like there’s nothing Camille Dg (@camille_dg) can’t do. This fabulous boss lady also doubles as a fashion whiz. From sporting denim-on-denim looks to stealing the show in Sherpa, Camille is always dressed to the nines in the season’s hottest trends. If you live in the Montreal area, you absolutely need to start following her NOW!


If you’re on the hunt for boho-chic inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place. Alexandra (@alexandracos_) is your girl. From wide-brimmed fedora hats to floral printed maxi-dresses, this bohemian goddess offers festival-ready outfit ideas. Embrace a free spirit and give Alexandra a friendly follow!

Elodie Routhier

The search for first-rate content and attainable style is over because Elodie Routhier’s (@elorouthe) brings us all the fashion inspiration we need and more. Having perfected athleisure and mastered the art of denim, we’re always pleased when her posts appear on our feed. This Montreal belle is a sure follow in our books!

Laurie Doucet

Take a look at this brunette beauty! Laurie Doucet (@lauriedou7) has a sunglasses collection to die for and style we can’t get enough of. Dressed with impeccable style, Laurie isn’t afraid to take fashion risks. Her cutting-edge style inclusive of chunky, yet chic knits and a vibrant color palate speaks for itself.

Lucie Rèaume Gonzalez

Lucie Rèaume Gonzalez (@lucierheaume) knows how to make a Montreal moment. Whether she sits perfectly poised in front of a Montreal cityscape or sunbathing abroad, her fashion sense knows no bounds. Lucie braves the cold in on-trend Sherpa jackets, go-to skinny jeans, and combat boots. It doesn’t stop there. She maximizes glamour by adding the season’s hottest jewelry trend: thick gold hoops. Not sold yet? Let her posts do the talking!

Whether top-of-the-line street style or everyday outfits inspire you, these Montreal trendsetters are guaranteed to offer quality content for all your fashion needs. With snazzy posts and intriguing captions, their feeds will inspire you to buy that blouse that has been sitting in your shopping cart for days.


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