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10 Of The Best Fashion Influencers You Should Follow Now!
December 13, 2018
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December 16, 2018
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With unique styles, savvy social media skills, and a Smartphone, some fashion influencers are simply killing it on social media. From creating successful YouTube videos to traveling the world, these fashion influencers have it all! If you love fashion, you must follow these Canadian fashion influencers right now!

Allegra Shaw

Allegra Shaw (@allegrashaw) is a true fashion icon. She packs her Instagram page with trendy casual, modern, and sexy outfits. Need some inspiration for your next outfit of the day? You’ve struck gold because Allegra is the girl you go to when want to spice up your wardrobe. Not only is she successful on Instagram, but she also has a tremendous following on YouTube. From personal videos to outfit ideas, Allegra does it all.

Chloe Rioux

Chloe Rioux (@chloerioux) is the ultimate “It” girl. Her long brown hair flows down to her waist, giving her that unique girl-next-door vibe. You can usually find Chloe rocking a bikini throughout her feed. From velvet bikinis to bright yellow bikinis Chloe can rock it all! But what really sets her apart from other fashion influencers? Her captions! You won’t find any negativity on her page, because Chloe always sends out inspirational quotes to her followers about how she pushes herself to be the best and they should as well. Chloe is the real deal; so make sure you follow her page!

Alexandra Cos

Alexandra Cos (@alexandracos_) is the girl with the big hair and an even bigger smile.
She is a professional yoga instructor, and her life revolves around fashion and fitness.
Edgy and unique are just a few of the words that describe her style. You can usually find her rocking a patterned blue skirt with a puffer pink jacket and heels. Alexandra truly plays by her own rules because she does what she wants and doesn’t care what others say. If there’s one carefree girl to follow on social media, Alexandra is definitely your girl!

Alice Morelm

She may only be 20-years-old, but Alice Morelm is taking over the fashion world on
Instagram! Not only is she a fashion influencer, but she is also an actress. You can find Alice posing with her best friends, taking silly selfies, and vocally expressing her views on politics by always standing up for what she believes is right! Alice not only kills it on Instagram with each post, but she’s also racking up followers on YouTube. Alice’s
YouTube videos consist of DIY cooking videos, BFF tags, and travel vlogs. Alice definitely will be one of the leading influencers you’ll want to follow on social media. You can quote us on that.


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