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No matter your personal taste, it never hurts to learn new fashion tips and stay up-to-date on what’s currently trendy. Following fashion blogs is a simple way to stay fashion-forward and allows you to learn about current designers and styles from people just like you. Of course, none of us have the time to spend all day reading through blog after blog, so finding a few you can trust to look to for sound advice and the latest in fashion news is worth putting in a little effort. We did some of our own so you know which blogs that are worth a read.

Lucie Rose


Lucie Rose’s (@lucierosel) blog by the same name is uniquely helpful because it focuses on fashion while also incorporating beauty, food, and lifestyle posts.  As a new mom of twins, her blogs come across as friendly and light-hearted. You can learn so much from her affordable approach to fashion.   Lucie leads a busy life while still wanting to look stylish making her blog a refreshingly relatable read. At the very least Lucie’s photos and writing will bring a smile to your face.

Flo & Confettis

flore tellier

Flore Tellier is another woman with a blog focused around fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips, but her site has a more romantic aesthetic. Flore knows what she’s talking about when it comes to looking fabulous and leading a simple yet satisfying life. Her healthy mix of what trends you should be watching out for in 2019 and new ways to decorate your home leave her readers with tons of advice that goes far beyond how to rock a pair of skinny jeans. It’s obvious she puts lots of time and effort into the blog and gives women advice that will help them in multiple aspects of their life.

Truly V Truly Me

virginie rose

This blog is all about simplicity. Though Virginie Roy (@virg_roy) loves the world of fashion and doesn’t hesitate to offer advice on how to find quality jewelry at affordable prices or how to dress for the gym, she uses her platform for so much more. She shares what makes her happy with the hopes that it will have the same effect on readers. Virginie focuses heavily on healthy living, from eating to exercise to beauty products for sensitive skin. Rather than projecting a perfect lifestyle or going for a singular focus on clothing and fashion, this blog is a place for women to get advice on all their daily concerns. Readers get to know Virginia in a way that feels real and personal.

The Perfect Fashion Blogs Every Style-Obsessed Woman Should Follow

In an age where everyone can have their own blog and fashion blogs are a dime and dozen, you should not take these women’s unique perspectives for granted. Their ability to combine their passion for clothes and their talent for writing gives readers a place to escape and find advice they can apply to their daily lives. You won’t regret giving these blogs a follow and taking a few minutes out of your day to read their awesome content.


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