Andrea Ton

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Known to her followers as simply Andrea, this Vancouver blogger is always there for her followers with career advice as well as fashion inspiration. Her blog features look books, in addition to valuable advice on how to get started with your own blog and a portfolio of her research. A combination of brains and beauty, Andrea is all about having fun and finding what makes you special.

Sophisticated Style

Andrea’s feed is filled with a sophisticated style that’s still fun. Her cream colour themed page features posts that often look like snapshots from romantic comedies of the late 80s and 90s. As evidenced by her motto and her blog content, Andrea draws inspiration from films and cinematic masterpieces. This spring, Andrea’s blog featured a look book with outfits influenced by the greatest lawyer of our time, Elle Woods. If Andrea doesn’t scream sophistication, I don’t know what does!

Secondhand Shopping

The best way Andrea sticks to her aesthetic is through luxury accessories she finds secondhand. She believes in conscious fashion consumption and partnered with Attire Media to raise her voice about the needless waste that comes with little, easy to fix things like shipment packaging. Andrea believes that fashion doesn’t have to be wasteful or expensive and that everyone should be able to express their truest selves in simple ways.

Speaking Her Mind

Andrea is not afraid to speak her mind and be the voice of the room. Her motto is “stay nerdy, flirty, and thriving.” She lets the world know that they can be sophisticated and still have fun. Among her formal research is an article on how adults can improve their social lives through playing, just like how children make friends. There should be no shame in adults playing because after all, life should be filled with fun and great friends.

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