Virginie Roy

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Montreal-based diva, Virginie Roy (@virg_roy), has truly mastered running her own Instagram. As a mom, wife, lifestyle blogger, and fashionista we’re in awe of how she can keep track of her long list of responsibilities so effortlessly. With as many as 26.6k followers, there is no shortage of people itching to see what’s new in her life. She clearly struck a chord with other women balancing work and family, and we’re certain she’ll strike one with you too.

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Virginie’s beauty and lifestyle blog, Truly V Truly Me, focuses on a range of topics she feels passionate about. She shares posts about her children, her makeup routine, her favourite meals, and her fitness regimen. She covers it all so that her readers leave knowing everything there is to know about her and can incorporate some of her tips into their daily lives. Her passion comes through in her writing making it obvious she puts time and effort into each new post.

Virginie’s Saucy Style

Virginie has abandoned the notion of boring “mom clothes” by dressing in chic, trendy outfits instead. Her outfits and Instagram are put together so well, she even works as a Dulcedo model. Even rocking a pregnant belly, her street-style outfits look like they came straight from a fashion magazine.

Learn Tips From This Health Guru

As a self-proclaimed sport and health addict, Virginie likes to offer followers ideas on little changes they can make to live a healthier lifestyle. She occasionally snaps photos of the meals she makes and encourages us to follow her lead. She has even partnered with the organic, vegan Prana Snacks and Centrum to promote their products and how they contribute to her staying fit and healthy. She gives us lots of inspiration to ditch the cookies and reach for some nutritious alternatives.

Family Above Everything

Virginie always puts her family first. Though her blogging and career are her passions, her main priorities are her husband Antoine, her daughter, and her newborn son, Renaud. She shares photos of their many family outings and it’s clear she appreciates every minute she gets with them. It’s the mix of photos focused not only on fashion, décor, and beauty that attracts so many to her profile. She reminds us that our loved ones are most important in our lives and she shows followers how lucky she is to have so much warmth surrounding her.

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