Victoria Garneau

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The beautiful Victoria Garneau (@victoriagarneau) caught our eye recently and has kept it ever since. Though not as well as known as some of our other fashion influencers, there’s no doubt in our minds that will soon change. She carefully curates her Instagram photos showcasing her lifestyle. We’re talking about countless snapshots of travel excursions, pictures of boozy brunches with friends and lots of laughs. See why we think she is one fashionista you should definitely start following.

The Blonde Beauty

Victoria’s beautiful blonde hair, perfect smile, and bright eyes make it easy to see why she attracts as many followers as she does. She wears trendy striped jumpsuits and has even rocked the denim skirt trend, but no matter her outfit she always looks stunning. Against the gorgeous backgrounds of her European travels as well as photos around Quebec there is no shortage of gorgeous photos to be found on her profile. We would love to steal even one outfit from her closet full of sophisticated, chic outfit pieces.

Mediterranean Travels

For all our fellow Mamma Mia lovers, we know we’re not alone in saying that we’ve dreamt of one day visiting Santorini and the many other beautiful Greek islands. Well, prepare to be jealous after a look through Victoria’s Instagram story a good portion of her posts. She spends lots of time exploring all that Greece has to offer from Mykonos to Athens and even has spent some time in nearby Croatia. We keep craving an exotic vacation of our own after a quick glance at her pictures of bright blue water, cliffsides and the classic white and blue Greek buildings.

Follow Victoria Today

Do yourself a favor by adding Victoria to the list of trendsetters you follow. She posts beautiful photos and wastes no time writing long-winded captions that clog up your feed, so what reason could you have not to check her out? Her healthy mix of vacation snapshots, happy moments with loved ones and stylish selfies keep us intrigued. We already can’t wait to see what kind of post she turns out next.

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