Vickie Laliotis

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Canadian style sensation, Vickie Laliotis (@vickielaliotis) is teaching us that we can conquer the world as long as we have a fabulous handbag in tow. With an impressive following of 50.6 k followers on Instagram and a highly-accredited life and style blog, this brunette beauty is taking over the media game- and all in good fashion too! With an incredibly trendy wardrobe- filled with vintage pieces and edgy accessories, it’s no wonder this stylish stunner receives praise from powerful publications such as Teen Vogue, FASHION Magazine, the New York Times and Wallstreet Journal. From interviewing with major journalists to negotiating brand deals with such companies like Kate Spade and ALDO Shoes, Vickie is sharing her lavish life with us on her Instagram. With #OOTD inspiration, coffee snapshots or vacation pictures, we absolutely love keeping up with this gorgeous guru!

Adventures In Fashion

Ever since Vickie’s life and style blog, Adventures in Fashion, launched in 2009, it’s blossomed into a recognizable force in the online world. From starting as a platform for beauty tips and style secrets to appearing in Teen Vogue, FASHION Magazine and the New York Times, this blog is nothing short of a success. The content ranges everywhere from darling DIY projects to the secrets of styling fun fashion finds, and we are absolutely obsessed! We especially love this blog for Vickie’s personal touch present in each one of her posts. Undoubtedly candid and real, Vickie always makes sure she is putting the best out there for her readers. From discussing the products she’s been loving lately or giving advice on how to style an outfit for a night-out, Vickie’s passion is always visible.

Super Style Success

The success of her blog would not be possible without her sensational style that fuels its content. Describing her style as “minimalist, feminine and edgy,” Vickie has thousands of people looking to her for outfit inspiration and closet revamping strategies. As a self-proclaimed “vintage-junkie,” Vickie has mastered the art of thrifting and sifting. From her latest Fendy find to her fabulous FILA sweatshirt, Vickie oozes vintage vibes while giving us major style envy. Still, it wouldn’t be a victorious Vickie outfit without an amazing handbag. From her Gucci black leather bag to her luxurious Louis Vuitton backpack, Vickie proves she is the purse powerhouse. Her ability to accessorize deserves serious praise. Her juicy jewelry, bomb belts, and hipster hats prove Vickie is a serious style success.

Creative Collaborations

It is common to see Vickie’s many collaborations flutter your feed on the daily. With impressive names such as Kate Spade and ALDO Shoes. wanting to work with the media mogul, Vickie always shows us how she is rocking the brands’ latest collections. Specifically, we are loving how Vickie is styling her rhinestone embellished belt from the newest Pretty Little Thing collection. Anything she is wearing we immediately want to get our hands on!

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