Valéry Ouimet

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Canadian fashion influencer Valéry Ouimet (@valoium) is teaching us all a thing or two about how to live a free-spirited life. Taking her 16.5k followers with her on all of her extraordinary adventures, this Quebec cutie has an Instagram worth following. From hitting the slippery slopes of Morin-Heights to sipping on a coconut in the Dominican Republic, Valéry’s profile embodies excitement. When she is not catching a plane to her next destination, Valéry is helping women feel beautiful with a fresh set of lashes. As a lash technician, Valéry has created her own booming business dedicated to making every client leave her studio feeling confident. We absolutely adore this incredible influencer for her travel inspiration and contributions to the beauty industry, but we also can’t forget about her amazing style. Valéry’s wardrobe oozes cool-girl chic, edgy and beachy vibes depending on the look she is going for. With every Instagram post, Valéry continues to turn heads with her sleek style and eccentric energy!

Lash Lady

Valéry has mastered the art of lashes; she even built a career around this artistry! Through her own business, Valéry provides clients with services including lash extensions and lifts. On her professional Instagram (@valouimlashes), Valéry is proving why she is the go-to lash lady we need to book an appointment with. She takes to her profile to share the secrets to her client’s beautiful lashes, and we are always totally impressed! Aside from posting her latest lash appointments, this business-savvy babe also loves to share her witty humor with the world. With quirky quotes such as “I’m sorry for what I said when my lashes needed a fill,” to “I make lash contact before I make eye contact,” Valéry’s Instagram has us laughing at all her clever content. Beauty and humor prove to be the perfect combination for Valéry’s business profile- and we are totally here for it!

Effortless Style

A true fashionista like Valéry always knows how to make an all-black outfit look fresh. Valéry has mastered the effortless look, as she rocks her high-waist denim and cute crop tops on an everyday basis. Valéry is a versatile vixen as she can sport almost anything- and can even make it look fashionable! From floral bikinis to bold beanies, this stylish girl can go from girly to edgy whenever she desires. Our favourite looks of Valéry’s include her vacation fits. Rocking sleek swimsuits and darling denim, this trendy traveler definitely does not let her style suffer while away on vacay.

An Ode To The Outdoors

An adventurous spirit, Valéry loves to play in the outdoors and nestle in nature. Whether it’s playing in a tennis match to biking around Quebec, this girl-on-the-go can’t help but relish in the outdoors. Valéry is also committed to living an eco-friendly lifestyle and she is mindful in the consumption of the foods she eats and the products she purchases. Devoted to improving the environment, Valéry is an advocate for all things green. She inspires us not only to get outside and bask in the beauty of nature but also to live a life of sustainability.


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