Tracy Peart

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Canadian makeup artist and style guru, Tracy P (@tracypmakeup), is certainly a growing and influential force in the beauty and style world. Her 15.1K Instagram followers get a sneak peek into how Tracy can manage her multiple jobs, businesses, and influential online presence. There is certainly never a dull moment in Tracy’s life and whether she’s styling herself, her clients, or working on a new and exciting partnership or brand deal, we love to follow her account to know exactly what she is up to and see how she does it all.

A Penchant For Style

It’s so fun to follow Tracy because she is so stylish with her frequent #OOTD posts. You can rest assured that when you take inspiration or style tips from Tracy, you are going to look your best because she is a certified stylist. In fact, Tracy is an on-air beauty expert and plus-sized stylist for Cityline (@Cityline) and Breakfast Television Toronto (@BTToronto). Tracy is definitely a must-follow for any curvy or plus-sized lady.

Makeup Mayhem

Not only is Tracy seriously gifted when it comes to style, but she can also transform faces with her standout makeup techniques. We love following her page and getting tips and tricks from her to help us learn how to perfect our unique makeup technique. Whether she’s posting a funky look complete with hot pink eyeshadow and aqua eyeliner, a subtle eyeshadow look with a bold red lip, or a full out glow glam look, Tracy knows what looks good together and what doesn’t. That’s why she’s the perfect influencer for people who love make-up, but also those who don’t know the difference between a blending and eyeshadow brush!

Premium Partnerships

We’re so happy that Tracy partners with so many household brands. Some of Tracy’s more meaningful collaborations have been with Centrum multivitamins, and Mint Smile Bar teeth whitening. We love both of these partnerships because, not only are they with amazing brands, but they really give Tracy’s followers insight into her regimes and the things she does to stay so beautiful and glowy.

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