Tanis Mitchell

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Tanis Mitchell is undoubtedly one of the most inspirational women on Instagram. Follow her page (@tanismitchell) to see how this amazing woman lives. She is a mother of two adorable girls and her younger one, Lukah, has been through a lot but continues to push through with the help of her mother’s strength and positivity. Tanis’s Instagram page is beautiful, colourful, and uplifting. She has 25.3k followers, and we think that number is only going to grow. Following Tanis gives you a front-row seat into her life that is family-oriented and focused on her two daughters and husband. Being able to see her so happy with her family definitely makes us want to take a moment to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us.

A Little Fighter

Although her Instagram is pretty and looks amazing on our feeds, and she can usually be seen sporting her killer smile, Tanis’s life is certainly not perfect. Her daughter Lukah was born with kidney and liver issues. At only three years old, Lukah has had more surgeries and spent more time in the hospital than most people do in their entire lifetime. In fact, after all the complications Lukah has faced, Tanis says it’s a true miracle that she is still even alive today. We are so happy to see Lukah doing better and love that Tanis is always posting updates about Lukah’s journey. Seeing a picture of precious Lukah smiling, or laughing with her big sister, Berlyn, makes our day. Despite the hardships and sadness that Tanis and her family have had to face, she has remained brave, strong, and hopeful.

Honest and Real

We love the fact that Tanis’s content is honest and real. Rather than try and gloss over any bad things that happen to her and make her online presence seem perfect, she really lets us know how she is feeling, and shows us that she struggles, just like the rest of us. Whether it’s a post about her post-partum depression, her daughter’s medical struggles, or even just getting real about life and its ups and downs, Tanis’s page is full of realness. We love sympathizing with and relating to all the content Tanis posts.

Tanis certainly has one of our favourite Instagram accounts. We love seeing her beautiful family and getting updates on how they are doing as they try and navigate life.

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