Sophia Rose Labbé

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Sunshine takes a human form in Sophia Rose Labbé (@sophiaroselabbe). With her long blonde hair and passion for chasing the sun, this gal lights up her 164K followers’ feeds every other day. Approximately once a month, her followers can find a more in-depth view of her adventures as a traveler, a foodie, a fashion ingenuity, and an overall inspirational person on her YouTube channel.

Travel Bug

Quebec native, Sophia loves to travel and always highlights her favourite destinations, which include Miami, Vegas, and Cuba. Sophia practically lives at the beach! With her wavy mermaid hair, she completely fits that lifestyle. Sophia’s travel highlights are a perfect match with her recent partnership with Voyage Fiesta. This past summer, Sophia collaborated with Voyage Fiesta and invited her followers to partake in the beach-loving lifestyle that she so beautifully promotes. However, the beach isn’t the only place you can find her! When she’s not jetting off to sandy shores, she can be found taking in warm weather in her other two highlight features in Los Angeles and Arizona. At home, she is a self-professed country girl planning her next tropical vacation.

Food Lover

Sophia’s food posts are even more envy-inspiring than her travel highlights. Sophia’s snapshots of delicious meals and sweet drinks paired with the most perfect beachy backgrounds will make anyone hungry. No matter the destination, you can still see updates of her flavorful adventures and become inspired to take on her love of Eggs Benedict, poutine, and macaroni and cheese. With her love of food, Sophia declares it is “l’amour de ma vie.”

Classic Style

When she is not rocking a cute bikini, Sophia can be found in a classic pair of jeans inspiring followers to make the most out of their closet staples. Fashion shouldn’t break the bank and distract you from appreciating the simple things in life! With OOTD updates nearly every day, you’ll be able to pull inspiration from homely and modest everyday outfits that still look stylish.

A Passion for Life

As a fiery Scorpio, Sophia’s message is all about appreciating the beautiful moments that life has to offer. She is passionate about spreading messages of gratitude and advocates being present in every moment. Sophia invites everyone to enjoy her favourite glimpses of her p’tite vie and empowers them to be confident and create lasting happiness.

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