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Sharadha (@sweetshardxo) is just as ambitious as she is stylish. This Canadian girl boss is the queen of social media with an Instagram page, where she has just shy of 8k followers, and a YouTube channel, where she gives style advice. She also runs her own website, SweetShard, where she sells her own handmade clothes. Her entrepreneurial spirit and hard work always shine through in everything she does and posts, which is why we definitely recommend giving her a follow.

Artful Blogging

People quickly took notice of Sharadha’s work, and we couldn’t be happier that she’s receiving the attention she deserves. Last summer, she even had her own spread in “Artful Blogging,” a publication that highlights artistic creators. In the interview, she talked about what her daily life consists of, as well as how it feels to be an entrepreneur.

Her motivation and kindness really stood out in the interview. The magazine sang high praises if Sharadha, going as far as to say that, her content is, “visually inspiring.” We could not agree more and are ecstatic that Sharadha is getting the recognition she deserves for all her hard work.

Looks That ‘Wow’ And Stun

Sharadha’s style is one of our favourites. She combines elements of sophistication with looks that scream relaxed coolness. We love to take a look at her page for girl’s night out inspo because she always looks classy and put together with a touch of fun. Sharadha also regularly attends music festivals, and goes all out with hairpieces and face jewels.

We love that she isn’t afraid to go all out with her looks, and she gives all her followers more confidence to do the same. The fact that she has her own website where she makes the clothes she sells, lets us all be able to rock styles similar to hers, as well as own one-of-a-kind handmade pieces for a reasonable price. She always makes our days a little brighter and is definitely worth a follow.

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