Sandra Ferreira

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Girl boss Sandra Ferreira (@missferreira) sets the standard for future women leaders everywhere. This 2nd generation restaurateur owns and manages 4 restaurants and provides tons of feminist inspiration on her feed for her 6k Instagram followers. Follow Sandra along with us and see what makes her so successful in both her career and foodie adventures!

Groupe Ferreira

Groupe Ferreira owns four restaurants in Montreal, and the people have loved (and post pictures of Instagram) the food for years! Groupe Ferreira brings delicious Portuguese cuisine to Montreal, and all of its restaurants abide by both an Iberian menu and tradition of hospitality and quality. Sandra is the current Director of Operations of Groupe Ferreira, continuing her family’s long tradition as expert restaurateurs. She manages four restaurants: Café Vasco de Gama (@cafevascodagama), Taverne F par Ferreira (@taverne_f), Ferreira Café (@ferreirarestaurant), and Campo (@campomtl). All of these restaurants mix Portuguese cuisine with organic, ethically-sourced ingredients and meats. As Director of Operations, Sandra has to keep up with the ever-evolving restaurant niche, and she does so with grace and style – her family’s business continues to grow in strength and numbers because of her work!

A True Foodie At Heart

Because she’s a top-notch restaurateur, you’ll find Sandra constantly checking out the best spots to eat around Montreal. She loves to drink wine (who doesn’t?) and takes regular trips to the local wineries around the city. According to her latest Insta posts, she’s currently working on a secret collaboration between Groupe Ferreira and Carm, a vineyard close to Montreal. We can’t wait to see (and drink) their upcoming project!

A Busy Business Chic

Since Sandra is always working around the clock to bring Montreal the best Portuguese food, she has to dress for the occasion. This girl boss will rarely wear sweatpants – instead, she opts for satin slip skirts and high heels. You’ll find that her wardrobe has elevated fashion essentials like midi skirts, lace dresses, and wrap dresses. However, she’s not above a clean pair.

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