Roxy Earle

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We’re confident you have probably heard of Canadian media mogul Roxy Earle (@luxuriousroxy). Whether it’s from watching her conquer her city on The Real Housewives of Toronto or seeing her massive body-positive movement, #MySizeRox, this influencer is everywhere. With 81k followers on Instagram, this Toronto trendsetter does it all. From designing fashion for all shapes and sizes to traveling the world spreading her positive message, Roxy is killing the game all while proving she is the quintessential girl boss. She is the confident queen whose glamorous and girly fashion has taken over social media, and we are totally for it! If you still can’t get enough Roxy, she also has her own fashion and lifestyle blog, Luxurious Roxy, where she gives a further peek into her alluring adventures and enchanting endeavors.

Reality Royalty

Airing in early 2017, The Real Housewives of Toronto, followed the lives of six of the city’s most daring women who dominate the elite social scene. Among them was Roxy Earle, the bold beauty whose success came from her background as an advertising executive. From there, she launched her own blog, Luxurious Roxy. While the show gave an inside look into the life of this 36-year-old entrepreneurial empress, especially her marriage to Raghu Kilambi, her blog gives viewers a more personal look at Roxy. Fans know her famed quote, “Bringing the real to reality TV”, and it could not be any truer. Roxy keeps it authentic and never succumbs to the surrounding drama. She has truly mastered the television game and proves why she deserves the title of reality royalty.

Luxurious Roxy

As a jet-setting fashion mogul, Roxy’s style reflects her lavish lifestyle. Her wardrobe has everything from leather and lace dresses to sleek and sexy stilettos, proving why she is the luxurious queen. The best part about her style is the message behind it: love your body. As a part of her massive body positive movement, Roxy’s #ootds always provide inspiration to her followers to own their outfits and embrace themselves. Confidence is Roxy’s favorite accessory, and we just love her for it!


By spreading her confidence on all of her platforms, Roxy has created a body positive movement known as #MySizeRox. When one wants to strike a pose in an outfit they love or celebrate their coveted curves, they can use the #MySizeRox to share their self-love with the world. With her direct messages flooded with personal testimonies of those who have been inspired by this movement, Roxy takes to Instagram to share how humbled she is by all of the love. Continuing her body positive movement, Roxy has also added “Fashion Designer” to her already impressive resume, when she launched a clothing collection with Le Chateau. Her pieces reflect her own girly style, and are perfect for women of all shapes and sizes! She also partnered with Knix for their latest swimwear line and created a Photoshop-free ad campaign with them. Instead, this collection showcases beautiful and happy women enjoying summer, which acts as a perfect complement to Roxy’s body positive movement. With such an inspiring and powerful message, Roxy is changing social media and making it a hub for confidence and self-acceptance!

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