Roxanne Tanguay

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Roxanne Tanguay (@proxynne) is the definition of a girl boss AND a working mommy. She proudly labels herself as “Maman de Olivia” to her 6k followers on Instagram, as well as the owner of the esthetic practice, Esthetique Prestige (@esthetiqueprestige). Follow her for the most adorable pictures of her baby daughter and some style inspiration as she works and performs mommy duties in sexy and fashionable outfits.

The Skincare Queen

Roxanne doesn’t let her baby hold her back from living life and working her dream job as an esthetician. Roxanne owns a practice called Esthetique Prestige, where she performs facials, microdermabrasion, lash extensions, and lifts. Roxanne’s goal with every single one of her clients is to make them feel as beautiful as possible! Roxy’s skin certainly looks the part as an esthetician – she has flawless skin and the most marvelous eyelashes in all of her photos. She’s happy to answer any skincare questions her followers may have on her stories or her business’ page. If you need some lash therapy, don’t be afraid to hit her up for some TLC!

The Glam Mommy

Roxanne loves her daughter, Olivia, more than life. We followed her pregnancy journey on Instagram; from when she first found out she was pregnant, to now, where we see her smother her cute daughter in a billion kisses a day. Her Insta feed is filled with the cutest photos of her baby, who she loves to dress up in adorable outfits. On the weekends you’ll find her, her partner, and Olivia at the pool or picking flowers while the sun shines. Can you say goals?!

Roxanne defines the term ‘Glam Mom’ by wearing stylish outfits every day. She isn’t afraid to show off her hourglass figure in tight jeans and a crop top in her mirror selfies. Roxanne definitely worked hard for her sexy post-baby body and we live for it.

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