Rikki Teed

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Rikki Teed’s jaw-dropping beauty and a 90’s cool-girl style have made us fall in love 21-year-old Quebec-based influencer. From her budding career in modeling to her adventures as a young adult, Rikki is sharing her life on Instagram and VSCO with all of her 11.2k followers, and we are here for the ride. Her Instagram is flooded with the influencer’s signature dark brown hair and powerful pout. She loves to share pictures from her shoots, giving her followers an inside look at the modeling life and all it entails. Although her profile is a way for her to showcase her beauty, Rikki doesn’t stray from showing how she navigates life as an adolescent. Followers get to see both the glamorous and relatable aspects of her life as she shares moments like her engagement to her boyfriend Brandon, to her fried chicken eating adventures with friends. We stan a girl who can do both!

A Modeling Megastar

Rikki is a natural born model, as she radiates beauty from head to toe, so get ready to see her take the modeling world by storm.  The 21-year-old already has a contract with Edge Agency and works with established photographers such as Mark Tiu and Nicole Robertson. Prominent photographer, Alan Yuen, of Insomniak Media, raves about the model, and how much he enjoyed working with her, saying Rikki is, “professional in front of the camera, but hilariously fun away from the camera.” She is a photographers dream model due to her commitment to being professional and getting the job done, which is clear just by scrolling through her Instagram page!

Cool-Girl Style

Aside from her incredible beauty, Rikki also has a keen eye for fashion. Although she could make anything look chic, she takes to combining basic pieces with clothes straight off the vintage racks to create an effortless style. She loves to sport simple black tank tops and vintage denim, but she makes the outfit far from basic through her accessories. Her funky 90’s eyewear, and trendy gold hoop earrings, really tie her outfits together while also giving us major style-envy!

Bare Beauty

Rikki’s beauty is undeniable, and what’s even better is that she achieves it sans heavy makeup. Most of her Instagram posts embrace her natural beauty rather than opting to wear makeup. We especially admire her bold brows that are always sculpted to perfection. The young model and influencer’s rosy pout is clearly her signature look and never fails to stand out in all of her photos. In a world filled with overly glamourous makeup and unnatural appeals, especially on social media, Rikki reassures us that we can be beautiful without the makeup. She shows us we can embrace our natural beauty, like she does, and look amazing while doing it!

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