Penny Oleksiak

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Ever hear of Oleksiak (@typicalpen)? This Toronto-based, four-time Olympic gold medalist gives us a huge glimpse into her crazy, active lifestyle through her carefully curated Instagram page. With an upwards of 88.4k followers, Penny inspires people from all over the world to get off the couch and get active. Not only does she show off cool pictures from her long days of training in the pool, but she also lets her life outside of her competitive career make its way onto her feed. With tons of fun candid photos and snapshots from her fabulous vacays, Penny shows her followers a day in the life of an Olympic athlete.

Inspiring Beginnings

Looking for an inspiring, take-charge woman? Penny’s swimming journey is a huge part of what draws her followers to her Instagram page. When she was just 16-years-old, Penny participated in the 2016 Olympic games in Rio where she earned one gold medal, a silver medal, and two bronze medals. She achieved more as a teenager than most people will in their entire lives. To top off her impressive list of achievements, she also broke a World Record and earned the Lou Marsh Award, distinguishing herself as Canada’s top athlete in 2016. She continues to amaze followers and fans with her success.

Worthy Causes

If it weren’t enough that Penny goes above and beyond by her success in her chosen career, she also stays humble and generous through it all. She participated in Toronto’s AVRA Fashion Show earlier this year in support of Stella’s Place, an organization that provides mental health services for young adults. Her promotion of this remarkable foundation and support for a topic often pushed to the side makes her even more inspiring. Penny’s choice to use her fame to not only show off her fun style and love of her sport but to shed light on important issues is what makes her fans and followers love and appreciate her. She uses her status to help those who need it, which makes us want to keep checking out her page for even more content.

Creative Collaborations

By venturing beyond her athletic talents, Penny gets to show her love of fashion. Given her status as an elite swimmer and amazing athlete, it’s no wonder why Penny’s followers turn to her for style inspiration on the latest athleisure and swimwear. They love to see what new look she throws on when she’s not off to the gym or training pool. Her amazing taste in fashion has brands lining up for partnerships. Penny collaborated with ASICS Canada and is one of many Canadian athletes to serve as an ambassador for RBC. Her partnership with RBC allows her to work with a company that supports all Canadian Olympians and proves that she is the ultimate boss lady.

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