Nicole Ashley

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Stunning photos and romance galore make Nicole Ashley (@nicoleashley) stand out amongst the wide array of wedding photographers out there. Whether in search of someone to capture on their own special day or simply looking for beautiful photos to fill their feed, Nicole’s Instagram attracts 61.8k followers. Her openness in sharing stories of her personal life and the many inspiring stories of her wedding clients make the pictures she shares uniquely real. In a world ruled by social media, it’s easy to see why Nicole’s refreshing honesty, and ability to capture intimate moments in people’s lives, attracts so many people.

Ruling the Photo Industry

As an international lifestyle and wedding photographer, Nicole has worked with more clients than we can count and she has more than 1,000 photos on her Instagram page. She has seamlessly taken a hobby she loves and carved out a career path entirely on her own. Nicole showcases her brilliant talent and eye for capturing human beings in their most personal moments with photos she posts on her website, Nicole Ashley Photography, and Instagram. It’s her ability to tell stories through her photos that makes her such an inspiring person to follow.

World Traveler

If you’re searching for something to fuel your wanderlust and inspire you to do more traveling, Nicole’s spectacular photos will have you ready to pack your bags and book a flight to Europe. She has the lucky job of capturing snapshots from weddings across the world and, in doing so, is able to enjoy the gorgeous sights each new place has to offer. From a ceremony under the stars in Tuscany to a rustic affair on the banks of Lake Louise, Nicole appreciates the new places her job takes her. She takes her followers along with her to each locale allowing them to feel a part of the adventure as if they are guests at each new couple’s special day.

Personal Life

It’s not every day that you find someone who willingly allows their followers to peek inside of both their public and private life. Nicole loves sharing photos of her husband, Nick, and adorable dog, Gus. She allows followers to see her love of nature and appreciation for loved ones. There’s no doubt that the reason Nicole is able to effortlessly capture couples in their happiest moments because finds herself drawn to their unique stories. Seeing Nicole’s happy and carefree lifestyle and amazing photography will put a smile on the face of anyone who follows her.

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