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Nazia Habib

There’s a new influencer on the block! Meet Nazia Habib (@naziahabib)! The growing Instagram star has over 3k followers and shows no signs of slowing down.   She has partnered with impressive brands like OPI and Revlon to show her followers how she maintains her pampered look. Nazia’s lifestyle content has also captured the attention of brands like Febreze, and this partnership is definitely bringing a fresh and clean vibe to Nazia’s content. Her smile is contagious, and seeing her photos brings a sense of joy and realness to our Instagram feeds. If you are into classic style with a twist, as well as makeup and beauty, we definitely recommend giving Nazia a follow.

Lifestyle Authenticity

Nazia’s authenticity is so refreshing and keeps us coming back for more.   Rather than feeling completely posed and sponsored, her content is a glimpse into her actual life. She posts pictures of her vacations, boyfriend, and even time relaxing with her family. Nazia’s fun personality really shines through her Instagram page, and following her makes us feel like we’re one of her best friends. Since Nazia posts spontaneous photos from her daily life, we really get a feel as to what her personal style consists of, giving us endless amounts of outfit inspo. She’s definitely an influencer we love to emulate. 

Pakistani Beauty

This beauty currently calls Toronto, Canada home, but her family’s heritage is rooted in Pakistan. It’s always amazing to see how she injects her culture into her daily style. Nazia mixes pieces that are trendy now, like denim overalls and flowy summer dresses, with a traditional Pakistani dress or top. She is no stranger to posting photos of herself and her family celebrating traditional Pakistani holidays such as Eid Mubarak. We love the fact that she embraces her culture and is confident wearing traditional Pakistani pieces in her daily style.

Follow Nazia Today

Nazia is the definition of a sweetheart and we love everything about her.  Her style is on point, she keeps it real, and she’s never afraid to show her affection towards her friends and family.  Just following her makes you feel like you’ve been friends your whole life, and we cannot get enough.  If you aren’t already following her, you absolutely must now. 

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