Mila Taillefer

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In the hectic world, it’s rare (and refreshing) to find a social media influencer as organic and real as Canadian sensation Mila Taillefer (@milataillefer). As a young girl from Quebec navigating her early twenties, Mila shares the details of her minimalist lifestyle, love of nature, and spontaneous weekend trips on her Instagram profile and YouTube channel. With an impressive following of 41.8k on Instagram and over 52k subscribers on YouTube, Mila shares everything from her struggles with diabetes, to her self-love and body positivity journey. Mila is a role model for young girls, teens, and even young adults. Many look up to her as someone to guide them through adolescence and early adulthood. Mila has become a big sister to many of her younger followers by offering advice on what to wear and sharing successful study tips. But Mila’s travel hotspot guides and tips for living a minimalist life make her appealing to all ages. We guarantee you’ll fall head over heels in love with her authenticity, commitment to self-love, and adventurous spirit.

YouTube Channel Success

Although active on many social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, YouTube is where Mila shines and shares her passions. Mila’s sleek fashion and eco-friendly habits make her content accessible, appealing, and authentic. Her vlog topics range in style from the relaxed day-in-the-life videos, to more carefully composed sit down advice videos. Despite the wide range of videos on her channel, all Mila’s videos showcase her honesty and authenticity. Her subscribers can always depend on her to provide them with a glimpse into her real life as a young adult.

Baring It All

Mila promotes body positivity and encourages her followers to do the same. She shares words of wisdom. She also shows off her body unselfconsciously and unapologetically. She recently created a photo series on her Instagram page that openly discussed her struggles with diabetes. With an empowering tone, Mila shares her struggles and reminds her followers that the disease does not define her. For those who also struggle with diseases and disabilities of their own, Mila is providing them with beautiful words of encouragement as they fight on.

Thrift Stores Galore

Mila loves thrift stores, and she’s not afraid to let her followers in on her secrets. Her style proves that living with fewer material possessions does not mean your closet or style has to suffer. With an effortless Bohemian inspired style, Mila acquires pieces from thrift shops from all over the world. For those who want to mimic her style, Mila provides tips and tricks on how to navigate through the seemingly endless amounts of clothes and accessories. Her viewers feel as if they are shopping alongside her as she documents her shopping sprees on her YouTube channel.

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