Mia Nowlan

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Mia Nowlan is a classic beauty dominating the selfie game. Her Instagram (@mia_nowlan) is a one-stop-shop for fashion and beauty inspiration as well as getting in your furry friend fix. Her 19.3K followers have first-class access to her awesome beauty and skincare recommendations. As a BeautyPro partner with Shoppers Drug Mart, followers also have access to an entire network of artists who inspire them to put their best face forward. .

Makeup Tips For All

Mia’s content primarily focuses on makeup inspired posts. With detailed captions, she walks followers through her looks with captions that read step-by-step tutorials. To make her even more perfect, Mia lists the exact products she uses to help us achieve her natural looks. Mia makes makeup accessible to everyone, she doesn’t keep her tricks and tips secret. She wants everyone to look and feel just as beautiful as she does!

Advocating Animal Rights

While Mia’s passion for makeup is evident in her content, her story highlights make it known that her greatest love is her furry family. Mia boldly stated the love for her animals is her motivation to make sure that beauty does not come at the cost of another living creature. Rightfully so, she declared her resolution for the New Year to be committed to cruelty-free makeup and skincare products. With such an adorable golden retriever and cute kitties motivating her journey, we have the utmost faith in her.

Stylish Stories

In addition to her story highlights featuring her cruelty-free recommendations and furry friends, Mia’s style highlights are where followers can find outfit inspiration regularly. When she posts outfits on her main feed, she is often found on the edgier side of classic, and it reflects her sleek style. Mia can be seen in jeans paired with heels and fashions a sophisticated classic black ensemble.

Why You Need To Follow Mia Nowlan

Mia Nowlan is the perfect follow for someone looking for a classic style. She boasts simple yet elegant makeup and fashion looks that help her followers feel confident in their skin. Her media very well portrays her message of confidence and further encourages followers to be kind to one another. She wants everyone, including four-legged friends, to know that they deserve to be loved deeply and feel incredibly happy.

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