Meredith Shaw

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Where do we begin with Meredith Shaw (@meredithshawtoronto)? This Toronto lady has set a high bar for us to live up to with her uber-successful career, a huge following of nearly 16,000 and overwhelmingly stylish outfits. She is all confidence all the time, and that’s what we love about her! Meredith is paving her own path so that women like her can do the same and we’re just happy to have a front-row seat.

Secrets From A Fashion & Style Guru

End your search for fashion inspiration because this professional style expert is the only profile you need. Just seeing her rock anything from sophisticated pantsuits to an edgy leather skirt had us ready to refer to Meredith as a fashion professional. The fact that she has appeared on The Marilyn Denis Show, Your Morning, The Social and etalk to give her tips just confirmed what we already knew. From learning how to style stripes to tips for finding a summer dress that works for you, Meredith knows her stuff and can help you take your style to a new level.

Body Positive Icon

Meredith is all about feeling comfortable in your own skin and forgetting all the myths that thin equals beautiful. You’ll see the hashtag #WeTheCurvy throughout her photos promoting body positivity and confidence for women of all shapes and sizes. Her message may not be new, but having her voice heard by so many is a huge step in transforming the world of fashion and social media to be inclusive and judgment-free. Meredith inspires us to take a moment to consider our mindset and focus on self-love. She reminds her loyal followers that style has no size limit and women should always embrace their gorgeous curves every chance they get.

A Camera-Ready Gal

She not only provides advice on looking and feeling your best but also lives her own philosophy as a model walking the runway. She has worked with B&M Models, TRUE Model Management and MC2CURVE to launch a successful career in the modeling industry. Meredith spends lots of time in front of the camera letting us see what the hottest styles look like on a curvy woman for a change, and they look amazing. Every time she models a new look, she celebrates her love for fashion, and more importantly, the shift in the industry to inclusion and acceptance of all women, no matter size or shape.

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