Melani Mariani West

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Melani West (@melanimwest) is one of our favourite Canadian influencers for obvious reasons. She is not only killing it as a career woman but also killing the style game and mastering motherhood all at the same time. She makes the rest of us look like we’re sitting back and taking it easy in comparison. Her nearly 7,000 followers are obviously in agreement with us that this is one woman at the top of her game.

Taking Over TV and Radio

As a radio and TV personality, it’s safe to say she has made it. She is the former morning show host of 102.1 (her fans hated seeing her leave). Moreover, her success working with Corus Entertainment is nothing short of commendable given how many other roles she takes on in her personal life. We’re on the lookout to see what she chooses as her next endeavor.

Mom of the Year

Her feed is filled with photos of Melani’s two beautiful children, Vera and Margot. Acting silly in the kitchen, taking trips to the beach and spending a day at the park are just a few of the moments she and her daughters have shared. Though we know no one is perfect, she makes motherhood look easy. She has embraced finding a balance between parenting and adult life and definitely succeeded. We love seeing her honest depiction of the craziness that comes with taking care of toddlers and infants and doing it all with a smile on her face.

Laidback Fashionista

Once again, we’re in awe of Melani, but this time for her clothing. She manages to keep up with her frantic, busy lifestyle and still keep her style looking amazing through it all. We love that she is entirely unafraid to rock a Toronto Maple Leafs t-shirt in honour of her favourite team one night and pose in trendy jumpsuits at photo shoots on another day. We already knew she could wear lots of different hats but didn’t realize how effortlessly she could transition from casual to chic with her daily style choices.

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See for yourself what makes Melani so great. She knows how to stay true to herself and give us a glimpse into her life without to present a perfect version of herself to the world. We love having an honest depiction of her, giving us something to relate to and bringing us motivation to stay as positive as her.

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