Meagan Finn

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The gorgeous, Ottawa-based, Meagan Finn (@meaggfinn) always keeps us on our toes as she jets from one exotic locale to the next, adorned in the season’s latest trends. Her profile showcases her luxurious lifestyle and knack for styling fabulous outfits. As a student at Carleton University, she uses her free time to fit in as many experiences and trips as she can, and we don’t blame her!

A jet setting influencer and fashion icon in the making, Megan shows her followers how to live their best lives and lets them live vicariously through her exciting adventures.

Exciting Excursions

Mexico, The Bahamas, Italy, you name it, Meagan has probably been there. Meagan finds herself all across the globe; she’s swimming with sharks, sightseeing in foreign cities and trying new exotic cuisines. (Yes, you read that right-Sharks!) Flaunting her iconic stylish attire, you would think she was a local in each new location she visits. Through inspiring followers to take a break from their stressful work life to travel or by simply providing material for their latest daydream, Meagan shows why you should’ve already started following her (why are you still reading this? GO FOLLOW HER NOW). Her nomadic lifestyle, consisting of constantly leaving her comfort zone to explore new cultures and landscapes, makes it exciting to scroll through her Instagram feed.

A True Style Icon

This gal is always on the move, which sort of explains why she has an ever-changing style. Whether she’s spending days at the beach or on snowy slopes, partying at nightclubs or strolling through quaint European towns, Meagan knows how to dress the part.

Meagan always finds a way to stand out with her long blonde hair and love of accessories. Looking at her page will give you inspiration for how to dress for just about any occasion. Following Meagan feels like flipping through a fashion catalogue, each page showing a new look influenced by a foreign place.

Family & Friendship

With so many amazing opportunities for trips and excursions, it’s no wonder Meagan likes to bring her loved ones along for the ride. Mirror selfies, lots of smiles, and funny faced pictures with her closest friends are what keep us coming back to see her photos. She makes it clear that although experimenting with trendy tops and traveling the world is great, it’s the people she’s with that make her experiences truly memorable. Through her lifestyle, she reminds us to always surround ourselves with the people we love. Following Meagan gives us travel and fashion inspiration while remembering what matters most!

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