Marilou Ethier

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With a sunny smile guaranteed to brighten your day, and girly chic style, Marilou Ethier (@marilouethier) is the Canadian fashion influencer you need to be following! Her 11.4k followers on Instagram and over 34k subscribers to her YouTube channel prove that Marilou mastered the media game- all with a smile of her face! As a 21-year-old balancing life as an influencer and student, Marilou shares the events of her daily life- from exams to adventures. Her style fills fashion gurus with envy, with oversized sweaters and vintage denim, enough to convince us that this Quebec city queen can pull off just about anything! Although we love seeing Marilou’s gorgeous grin and original outfits, we cannot get enough posts of her adorable animals, both of which she rescued! We guarantee you will fall in love with her kind heart, solid style, and perky personality.

YouTube Channel

Many young girls all over the world flock to Marilou’s YouTube channel seeking advice, style inspiration, or just a good laugh. With dozens of videos, ranging from clothing hauls to road trip vlogs, Marilou gives the world an honest look into her life. Aside from her vivacious vlogs where we get to follow her around sunny beaches and swanky cities, Marilou also delves deep into her personal struggles with anxiety and sexuality. Baring it all in front of a camera must not be easy, but Marilou does it with such grace that we admire!

Clean and Classic

Less is more for Marilou, as she opts for a more simple style, with classic button-downs and cozy cashmere. Her wardrobe oozes a vintage vibe, with pieces like a black satin dress fit for one of Gatsby’s lavish parties, and high-waist Levis that pay homage to the ‘90s. Her best accessory is her gorgeous grin, as she is never shy to show off her pearly whites! Her cheerful selfies are guaranteed to spark a smile: the perfect cure to a bad day or rough week. With a fresh face, Marilou loves to play with makeup to highlight her best features. She loves to play with red lipstick to achieve an epic Hollywood glam moment. As for her beautiful blue eyes, Marilou loves to use coppery tones for extra pop and black liner for even more emphasis. Always keeping it traditional and trendy, Marilou defines true beauty, both inside and outside.


Marilou’s obsession with tea has led her to a partnership with the matcha company, Teangle-truly a match made in heaven. This partnership not only helps Marilou but all of you caffeine lovers too! Her followers can get 15% just by using her code “Marilou15.” Marilou has also partnered with Avène Canada, the beauty brand responsible for her flawlessly fresh skin, and you know she’s all about helping her followers, as she is constantly offering up her frequently used favorites in giveaways. Talk about a style queen!

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